Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, but we all share a common interest... maternity services that truly meet the needs of the parents who use them.


Rachael is an antenatal educator and mum of four children.  Rachael believes that the beginning of a child’s life is more than a single event but critical in determining the health and well-being of the child and new family throughout their lifetimes.  Rachael is passionate about maternity service users being the voice that informs service provision, contributing to ensure that care offers women and their families choice, quality and safety during their journeys into parenthood.

Service user representative


Fiona is our representative from Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group (MK CCG) as the Children, Young People and Maternity Commissioner. MK CCG is a clinically-led (statutory) NHS body which is responsible for the planning and commissioning of health care services in Milton Keynes. Commissioning is an on-going process and is all about getting the best possible health outcomes for the local population.  It is important to engage with services users at all stages of the commissioning process.


As a Children, Young People and Maternity Commissioner Fiona’ job is focused on the care of children and young people under 18 and people requiring maternity care. Fiona also works closely with a local GP who takes a lead on children and maternity issues and is the chair of the Children, Young People and Maternity Programme Board. This board monitors the CCGs progress against a range of projects and commissioning intentions designed to improve health outcomes across MK.

Health Commissioner


Ros is the Specialist Infant Feeding Midwife for the communtiy and a qualified Lactation Consultant who has worked at Milton Keynes University hospital since 2009.  She has launched the succesful Breastfeeding Cafe MK weekly drop in that helps mothers in the city on their breastfeeding journeys, as a joint initiative with two La Leche League Leaders.  In her role she works collaboratively with all those that serve mothers and babies in their feeding and emotional relationships, both in the hospital and community and feels that it is vital to liase with services users,via the MVP. She has led the project for Baby Friendly Initiative accrediation for the hospital and is keen to encourage children centres, health visiting and neonatal services to become Baby Friendly to improve breastfeeding initiation and continuation to improve health outcomes of the population of Milton Keynes. This reflects the mission of the MVP; to  ensure the physiological, emotional and psychological needs of local mothers are at the centre of maternity services. She is keen to ensure the care she gives and the services she develops are in line with the needs of local mothers.

Maternity health care professional


Gloria is the Perinatal Clinical Nurse Manager for the Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Service that is being established by Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust in Milton Keynes.

Gloria has always taken an interest in the impact of mental illness during the Perinatal period on women and their families. She is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and has  a qualification in Perinatal Mental Health.


Gloria has worked in a variety of mental health settings, and for the past 6 years has been the Lead Practitioner for Perinatal Mental Health in MK which has provided the opportunity to raise the awareness of Perinatal Mental Health in the local area.

Gloria is passionate about collaborative care both regionally and locally. She is part of the Thames Valley Strategic Clinical Network and a formative member of the Milton Keynes Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative.

Gloria has coordinated and facilitated various Perinatal MH training events across MK  and is keen to equip others to develop their skills and knowledge in this area. She is  excited to see the raising of National Awareness of Perinatal Mental Health and to be part of developing local services in Milton Keynes.

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Peggy is an antenatal educator and postnatal practitioner. Becoming a parent is a life changing experience, one that brings many joys but also challenges. Peggy believes that all parents should be supported and empowered to become the parents they want to be for their child. This starts with information and personalised care during pregnancy continuing all the way through the early years of a child's life. Maternity:MK allows parents and professionals to come together to discuss and develop our local provision with the aim of enhancing the experience  of parents throughout this incredible transition that is parenthood.

Service user representative

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I am a parent rep and mummy to Aiden, born in October 2014. Aiden's birth was quite straightforward but there were elements that could have been better. My experience on the post natal ward wasn't a positive one. My upset led me to Maternity: MK where I attended a development day in February 2015. Initially, I wasn't sure why I was there but as the day went on I could see this was something I wanted to be a part of. I feel very passionate about Maternity: MK, about birth, informed choice and breastfeeding. I want to help make maternity services in Milton Keynes the best the can be!

Parent representative


Esther is the mum of Anthony (born 2014) & Alexander (born 2017). Anthony and Alexander are her little miracles. Esther is an Assistant HR Business Partner next to being a mum. Esther had two different but positive experiences giving birth to her two babies in Milton Keynes University Hospital. However Esther believes there is room for improvement and improved consistency throughout the maternity services in Milton Keynes. Esther feels by being involved in Maternity:MK she can help others having a better birth and follow up experience.

Parent representative


Rachel is an antenatal & postnatal educator with experience in maternity nursing. Rachel has a real passion for empowering parents throughout their journey into parenthood.  Rachel had a mixed experience when it came to the birth of her own two children (Oliver, born in 2011, and Georgiana, born in 2013), and has taken from that the importance of both informed choice, and that of giving feedback to health care providers, both positive and negative.  She feels passionate about working with Maternity MK as they strive so positively in using parent feedback to ensure that families have the maternity services they deserve. 

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